Collection types are useful for organizing your collections of participants. For example, you may have a collection type for each school that you work with, and a collection for each class in that school. In order to create a collection, you must first create a collection type. The steps for creating collection types are very similar to that of creating a new touchpoint.


To create a collection type: 

  1. On the navigation bar, click Site Administration.
  2. Select Manage Collection Types.
  3. Click the New Collection Type button at the top of the page.

Once at the Collection Type Wizard:

  1. Give a clear and descriptive name to your collection type.
  2. Add tags to make it easier to search and report on collection types.
  3. Optional: Check the Section Quick Links box to enable section quick links on each page.
  4. Optional: Check the Question Numbering box if you wish to have each question numbered. 
  5. Optional: Check the Save Progress box to allow users to save their progress while recording a collection type form
  6. Save.

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