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Results Group Training Course Catalog
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Before you begin:

If you have not signed up for a free Bonterra Academy account, please access the linked help article below for instructions on setting up your account.

Once you have your login for the Bonterra Academy, you will have access to a wealth of self-paced learning materials, as well as the links to register for classes and purchase training subscriptions below.

Group Trainings

Group training classes are virtual, intensive sessions designed to teach Administrator capabilities within Bonterra software. They include instruction, demonstration and hands-on activities.

We offer Foundations courses for a multi-day review of key features as well as single topic 2-hour Labs. These classes are available for individual purchase and as a part of a Training Subscription or Platinum Support Package. Staff across multiple organizations can join these sessions, but they are capped at 15 attendees for a small group setting and plenty of time for questions. Find out more below about our available options and follow the links to purchase a seat.

Training Subscriptions

While you can sign up and pay for individual classes one at a time, we also offer a subscription that grants one person per subscription access to our live Group sessions for an annual fee. Subscribers can sign up for Group Trainings directly within the academy and are welcome to repeat sessions once per quarter as needed.

See the list of course options below. Subscribers can click the Sign Up link to register.

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Results Foundations

Results is our top reporting tool and is included with ETO Software. Please confirm you have access to Results Reporting before registering for this training.

4 days, 4 hours per day

Results Lab II: Charts, Graphs & Summary Tables

How to use Results graphing tools to show visual representations of aggregate data. This training will cover:

  • Creating variables

  • Creating charts and graphs

  • Creating summary tables

  • Applying assigned references

2 hours

Results Lab II: Filtering

How to use the different filtering options in Results. This training will cover:

  • Query filters and prompts

  • Report filters

  • Input control filters

2 hours

Results Lab II: Formatting & Design

How to use Results formatting tools to customize reports, including:

  • Formatting columns, headers and positioning

  • Formatting numbers and dates

  • Sorting and conditional rules

  • Designing to print

  • Formatting blank and pre-defined cells

2 hours

Results Lab II: Formulas & Basic Context

How to create custom formulas in Results. This training will cover:

  • Using common objects, functions and operators

  • Syntax rules

  • Creating formulas and variables

  • Using common formulas and variables

  • Context

2 hours

Results Lab III: Merged Dimensions / Multiple Queries

How to merge multiple dimensions and use multiple queries in reports to solve common problems and reporting questions. This training will cover:

  • Adding more than one query

  • Merging dimensions

2 hours

Results Lab III: Unflattened Data

Overview of the difference between flattened and unflattened data in Results and how to use both types of data. This training will cover:

  • Unflattened vs flattened data

  • Working with specific data types

2 hours

Results Lab IV: Crosstabs

How to use the Cross Tables Template in Results. This Training will cover:

  • What crosstabs/crosstables are

  • Formatting crosstabs

2 hours

Results Lab IV: Flags

How to create Flags within Results. This training will cover:

  • What flags are

  • Completion flags

  • Date flags

2 hours

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