ETO Results | Create New Variable

BO 4.3

Updated over a week ago

Opening the window

Start by opening the window 1 of 2 ways:

  1. Select the fx+ button in the object panel.

  2. Select the 3 circle button next to the Variables header in the object panel and choose "Add new variable".

    With the variable window open, it can now be customized to your preferences. Whatever changes are made to this window, will remain for all other variables and reports.

The Columns

There are four columns in the window:

  1. Formula: Where to write the formula for the variable

  2. Objects: The available objects within the report

  3. Functions: The available functions for the formulas

  4. Operators: The available operators for the formulas

The Objects, Functions, and Operators columns can all be turned off with the corresponding icon in the top right corner.

There are now search functions available to make finding the needed object, function, or operators easier.

The Formula Space

The variable window now has buttons to Undo and Redo as well as to Erase to join with the Formula Check button.

Wrapping text can also be turned on and off.

Syntax highlighting is available to turn on and off.

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