Saving and modifying scheduled reports from the scheduled report folder
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Reports can be scheduled from ANY folder. However, if the report is placed inside of the Scheduled Reports folder, the report is not available for Users to run as a regular report (ability to run, refresh, etc.). This will allow an Administrator to prevent Users from running the long-running reports and to more simply focus on the instances.

If a user attempts to open and edit a report in the scheduled folder they will see the following error:

Your security profile does not allow you to refresh the document.

To modify a report saved in the Scheduled Folder:

  1. Copy it to a Public or Private folder.

    Right click the report name, Organize, Copy

  2. Paste to a new folder

  3. Open the new report by selecting "Modify" or double clicking the report

  4. Modify the report

  5. Save As the report with a new name

  6. Cut or Copy the report back to the Scheduled Folder

  7. Schedule the report

  8. Delete the any old versions of the report

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