ETO Results | Table of Contents

BO Platform 4.2

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With the number of articles focused on ETO Results created by the support team, they have now been curated into an easy to navigate table of contents to make locating information as easy as CTRL+F.

Each of the above links will take you directly to the desired section and the articles within them.

Managing Results

This section is the first step in getting started with ETO Results and managing the dashboard.

Results Terminology

This section includes the articles detailing the various terminologies that will be commonly used with Results.

Security and Access

Below are articles about security and data access.


Below are articles about universes.

Building and Configuring Reports

Below are articles on how to initially build and/or configure reports to properly display and bring in the desired data.

Formatting Reports

Below are articles to detail how to further format reports.

Formulas and Objects

Below are articles that explain different formulas that can be used in Results to further refine your data, as well as some common objects and their usage.


Below are articles that may help with troubleshooting common problems in a Results report.

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