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A publication is a collection of documents that you send to a mass audience. Before distributing the documents, you, as the publisher, define the publication using a collection of metadata. The metadata include the publication source, its recipients, and the personalization applied.

Using publications, you send information to your organization efficiently. You can:

  • Distribute information to users or groups of users and personalize the information each user or group receives.

  • Deliver targeted business information to users or groups of users through a password-protected portal or across an intranet, an extranet, or the Internet.

  • Minimize database access by eliminating the need for users to send process requests.

You can create publications using either the BI Launch Pad or the CMC.

Rights appendix

As a publisher, you own the publication and are responsible for scheduling it. You can view all publication instances for all recipients. Recipients can view only their own personalized publication instances.

These viewing rights ensure maximum security for publication data as only you, as a publisher, have rights to schedule publications and view all publication instances.

If you want to add yourself to a publication as a recipient, create two user accounts for yourself: a publisher account and a recipient account. The publisher account grants you access rights to design and to schedule publications, and the Recipient account grants you the access rights of a typical recipient.

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