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To Do List

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To Access:

To access one of your To Do Lists, click My Work in the side navigation, and select To Do List.

To Customize:

The view of the To Do List can be customized.

  1. Period - The date range you would like to see

  2. Show - Select how the To Do items should be organized (by participant name, outcome name, calendar, etc.)

  3. Scope - Program, Site, or Enterprise (if applicable)

  4. Staff - If configured, program managers can view the To Do List of users with lower roles

  5. Print - The To Do List can be printed

Note: It is recommended to scope the To Do List to Program to ensure Touchpoints are completed in the same program where they were originally recorded.

As an example, the calendar option is below:

Using a To Do List:

Simply click the link in the Take Action (marked with a 1 in the image below) column to complete the task in the To Do List. To Do List items cannot be deleted - a user will need to complete the action requested in the To Do List, or edit the element in the TouchPoint/Assessment/Point of Service Element that added the action to the To Do List.

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