Data Access

Features you can find under the Data Access tab in ETO Results #Results #DataAccess

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Data Providers Sub-tab

1. Edit: Opens up the Data Provider, also called the Query Panel or Query
Editing a Query

2. Purge: Purging the data removes all data from the report
You can select to purged data from individual Queries or all Queries

Purging the data and saving the report ensures that data is maintained confidential. Another benefit of purging is, if a report has large amount of data with it, saving the report without purging will imply that the data also have to saved along with it, this can add a little burden on the repository.

3. Refresh: This refreshes the data in the report.
You can choose to refresh the data from individual Queries or all Queries

Data Objects Sub-tab

   4. New Variable: Opens up the box to create a new variable
       You can choose to create a new variable as a dimension, detail, or measure
    5. Assign Reference: Opens up the Assign Reference box
        This option is greyed-out until a cell is clicked into
    6. Merge: Opens up Available Objects for merging
​        Merged Dimensions


    7. Change Source: Opens the box for re-mapping a report
​        Remapping a Report to a Different Universe

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