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ETO Results will sort a table by the left-most column by default.

The following table is sorted by Subject Identifier because it is the first column in the table.

This table is now sorted by Subject Name after moving the column to the left.

You can also change the sort of the table by right-clicking in the column, selecting "Sort", and choosing "Ascending", "Descending", or "Advanced". 

Now the table is sorted by Subject Name in Descending order.

Advanced Sorting

The advanced sorting option will let you choose a custom sort. Right click into the table > select "Sort" > "Advanced". You will see the "Manage Sorts" window.
In this window, select "Add..." under "Sort:" > Select the Object you want to apply the custom sort to > "OK".

Once you have selected the Object you want to sort by, select "Values..." under "Custom Order:"

You'll open a window that shows all of the values for the selected Object. Move the arrows up or down to change the position and select "OK" when you are done.


  • You cannot have more than 2 sorts on a table. You will need to select "Remove all Sorts" to update a new column you want to sort by.

  • You can also access sorting by going to "Analysis" > "Display" > "Sort" (you will need to have a column within the table highlighted for the option to be available).

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