Step 1 – Set Up the Report

Make sure your report is saved to a Site or Enterprise folder where end-Users can access it.

The standard (Webi) report viewer can use filters for Staff ID, Participant Site Identifier or Entity Site Identifier where the prompt text is "PID".  This will return the ID for the staff member (My dashboard), Participant (Participant dashboard) or entity (Entity dashboard) whose dashboard you are viewing.

You can have other filters on the report. They just cannot be prompted values.

Step 2 – To edit the Report part, click "Edit Dashboard" at the top of the page.

Step 3 – Select the report that you would like to display on the dashboard from the drop-down menu.

Step 4 – You can restore, minimize, disable, delete, or edit the part by clicking on the associated icon.

Step 5 – When editing the part, you can re-title the part and set the layout.

Minimized may work best for dashboards that take a long time to load, but will require the User to expand the part if they wish to view the report.

Zone: Zone index is the ranking of the part in that zone, where zero is the closest to the top of the page.

Step 6 – There are additional properties that you can set here. Click Apply to confirm any changes.

  • Choose the report height. For ETO Results reports, 200 is the smallest you can make the report part, though you can play with the page size and other formatting in the actual report to get it to display larger or smaller as needed.

  • Choose whether or not to show a Refresh Report button or a View Report button, the latter of which opens the report in a separate window in ETO Results.

  • Choose to cache the report or not.

  • Choose whether or not to use the Embedded Report Viewer. The Embedded Report Viewer looks a little more like a standard dashboard part, but is a little more limited in terms of how formatting in Webi is displayed. For example, two tables on top of one another in the same report tab are forced to share the same column widths similar to an Excel document. 

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