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Default User Role: Program Manager
Add Existing Effort is found under Program Administration on the Navigation Bar.

Recall that POS elements are accessible only from within the Programs in which they were created. However, you can easily copy a POS element and make it usable in additional Programs. This saves you the trouble of recreating the same POS element “from scratch” in each Program. The Outcome by Name filter in the Query Wizard allows for Point of Service data to be aggregated across Programs.

  • Make sure you are in the Program where you want to add the existing POS element.

  • Click on Add Existing. A list of POS elements created in other Programs will appear. Click "Add" next to the POS element you wish to add and ETO will confirm that the POS element has been added to the Program.

Note: POS elements cannot be copied from one site to another and must be manually entered in order to match the original.

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