Share Responses Across Site

Checking a Program shares TouchPoint responses taken in that Program with other Programs in that Site. It does not share with other Programs from other Sites, this is done in Share Responses Across Enterprise. 

In the example below, the Healthy Living Program is checked. This means that responses from that Site WILL share with Afterschool Program - 4H Program (because it is in the same 4-H Site) but WILL NOT share with Adult Education or Central Intake (because they are in a different Site). Afterschool Program - 4-H is not checked, and therefore, it will not share with Healthy Living.


  • Share Across Site does not apply to TouchPoints the User has last updated. If you are the last person to update the response, you can see it across all Programs in the Site.  

Share Responses Across Enterprise 

You can set responses from Programs to different Site permissions from this tab. Checking a Program box shares the responses taken in that Program with all other Sites in the list.

In the example below, the Residential Center Program is set to share with the other Sites on the list (14131 Bed Registry Test, 4-H, etc.). Spiritual Development is NOT set to share with the other Sites on the list.


  • TouchPoint responses with a "General" subject type cannot be shared across the Enterprise. They can only be view in the actual Program where they were recorded.

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