Re-query for Assessment Name

This article describes how to re-query for Assessment Name, as a workaround for [PUR-176]. #Results #Workaround

Updated over a week ago

Assessment Name may throw an error when attempting to filter within the query after the upgrade to BO 4.2. If you are experiencing this issue, and would like to filter on assessment name, please utilize the following workaround.

  1. Create a Second Query from the Standard Reference Universe

  2. Chose Assessment Name as the object and the Query Filter. 

  3. Set the Query Filter to Prompt for Assessment Name (or you can enter the assessment names you want to see in the report).

4. Apply Changes and Close.

5. Re-open Query Panel and Return to Query 1 and Add Assessment Name to the Filters
6. Choose Results from another Query

7. Choose Assessment Name

8. Run the Query

The prompt will allow users to select Assessment Name from the Reference query without any issues.

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