Creating a Report


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Step 1 – Login to ETO

Step 2 – Find one of the links to the ETO Results Dashboard by clicking either Reporting at the top of your window or on the Navigation Bar via "Reports" > "ETO Results"

Step 3 – Select the little paper icon to build a new Report.

Step 4 – Choose Universe and Select "OK".

Step 5 – We recommend using a Standard Universe or a Custom Universe.

Step 6 – Drag Objects to the Results Objects to be included in the Query.

Step 7 – Drag Object to the Query Filters to be used as limitations for the Query.

Note: It is not recommended to pull objects from the Results Objects section into the Query Filter section. Please pull all objects needed in either box from the left column. See here for details.

Step 8 – Press "Run Query".

See more details on report limitations and optimizations here.
See more details about report training here

ETO Customer Support can assist with error in formulas, formatting, and reporting errors. Please be aware that ETO Customer Support cannot build custom reports. Custom report building can be completed through your Account Manager and our Professional Services team.

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