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Dashboard Part | Collection Memberships
Dashboard Part | Collection Memberships


Updated over a week ago

The Collection Memberships dashboard part lists each collection that the participant or entity is in. Each collection name is a link that, when clicked on, takes the user to the Collection Dashboard.


This ETO Part is available on the following dashboards:

  • Participant Dashboard

  • Entity Dashboard


Step 1 - To edit the Collection Memberships part, click Edit Dashboard at the top of the page.

Step 2 - You can restore, minimize, disable, delete, or edit the part by clicking on the associated icon.

Step 3 - When editing the part, you can re-title the part and set the layout. Click Apply to confirm any changes.

  • Chrome State: Normal will start the part immediately upon landing on the dashboard. Minimized may work best for dashboards that take a long time to load, but will require the user to expand the part if they wish to view the report.

  • Zone and zone index: Zone index is the ranking of the part in that zone, where zero is the closest to the top of the page.

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