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Reliable Contacts are for capturing information on any individuals supporting a Participant, such as family members, friends, social workers, medical professionals, and probation officers. You can add multiple Reliable Contacts for any Participant using this feature.

Steps to Add/View/Edit Reliable Contacts

Step 1 – Manage Feeder Tables

  • Site Administrators can populate Feeder Tables Reliable Contact Relationships (ex: Parent, Significant Other, Parole Officer, etc.) and Reliable Contact Attributes (ex: Safe to pick up, Not safe to pick up, etc.). This is done on the Manage Feeder Tables page. Click "Edit" in blue to add or edit choices.

Step 2 – Adding Reliable Contacts

  • Only the "Name" field (in yellow) is required.

  • Check the "Emergency Contact" box to identify that this is a person to contact in event of an emergency.

  • The only way to customize this page is by populating the two Feeder Tables ("Relationship" and "Attribute").

  • Enter 10 digits for phone number and move to another field. The number will be auto-populated with parenthesis and a dash.

  • Multiple Reliable Contacts can be added, one at a time, for the selected Participant. However, the same Reliable Contact may not be attached to multiple Participants.

Step 3 – Navigation Bar > "Participants" > "View/Editing Reliable Contacts"

  • Search for the Participant for whom you added the Reliable Contact.

  • Select "GO" next to the name of the Participant.

If the Participant does not have a Reliable Contact, or it was not setup correctly, you will receive the following pop-up:

If the Participant's Reliable Contact was setup correctly, pressing "GO" will lead you to a page with the Reliable Contact's information.

  • Reliable Contacts can be edited or deleted. If a Participant has more than one Reliable Contact, the order can be changed on this page.

TIP: Reliable Contacts appear on the Standard Reports Participant Profile and Participant Face Sheet. The Query Wizard also contains a focus area for Reliable Contacts data.

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