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Standard Reports: TouchPoint - Response Report
Standard Reports: TouchPoint - Response Report

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Attention: Social Solutions is now Bonterra. Please bear with us as we update our screenshots to match our new name.

This report shows all questions and responses to all selected TouchPoints recorded during the date range for the selected Participant.


  • TouchPoint Name(s)

  • Site Name(s)

  • Program Name(s)

  • Begin Date

  • End Date

  • Subject Name


  • Site

  • Program

  • TouchPoint

  • Date Taken

You can see how many times a TouchPoint was recorded for the Participant by expanding the report, Site name, Program name, and TouchPoint name. Click on the number to show the date taken, who recorded it, the TouchPoint questions, and the responses to these questions. Any questions that were not answered will not display in the report.

Steps to access this report from ETO Results

Step 1 โ€“ Select the "Documents" tab

Step 2 โ€“ Open "Folders" at the bottom left

Step 3 โ€“ "Public Folders" > "All Reports" > "Standard Reports" > "TouchPoints 2.0"

Step 4 โ€“ Find the "TouchPoint - Response Report" in the list of results.

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