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This page deals with a setting for individual questions added to form when managing TouchPoints, Collection Types, and Referral Forms.

For each individual question on a form, you can create a pseudonym to identify the question instead of using the text used in the question. Pseudonyms can be useful in reporting on unflattened elements as they allow the report writer to identify elements through a name that is either shorter or more descriptive of what is being measured. Many times, question names will be very long and have complicated punctuation, spelling, or capitalization, which may be harder for creating reports, particularly with ETO Results. Also, if the same question is available in multiple forms and should be compared in reporting, providing a pseudonym that is identical in all forms for the related questions will make it easier to complete comparative reporting.

In-Depth Instructions

Step 1 – Navigate to the proper management page.

Step 2 – Either find the question you would like to edit or create a new question.

Step 3 – Check the Use Pseudonym box.

Step 4 – If the box is checked, a text box will display. Insert the pseudonym you wish to use for this question.

  • This text box is a required field when this option is checked.

Step 5 – Click the Save button to save your changes.

Note that the pseudonym will not display when the form is filled out. Additionally, pseudonyms are used as objects when reporting in unflattened data.

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