How to Edit Entity Settings
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The Manage My Site (NEW) feature hosts a variety of Entity Settings. Editing these settings will change the options and visibility related to the Entities within your Site.

To Edit Entity Settings:

Step 1 – On the Navigation Bar, go to "Site Administration".

Step 2 – Select "Manage My Site (NEW)".

Step 3 – Select the "Entity Settings" tab.

Step 4 – Modify Settings:

  • Allow 'Add New Entity' option on Add Referral page, Allow 'Add New Employment Entity' option on Add/Update Employment Record page, and Allow 'Add New Entity' option on Add/Update Education Record page: Your selections here will make this option appear on the specified page, allowing Users to create new Entities directly from these pages if checked.

  • Enterprise Entity Search Options: Your selection in this category will dictate what Entities appear when using search features and when making referrals. 

  • Lowest Role Allowed to Edit Entities and Lowest Role Allowed to Establish an Enterprise Entity: Your selection here will grant User roles permission to perform these actions.

Step 5 – Click "Save".

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