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Troubleshooting Program name responses within ETO Results. #Results

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When creating a report using a Custom Universe, the Program Name is only available from the Program Enrollment folder. However, it is not advised to use this object when wanting to return TouchPoint Responses from specific Program(s) without first considering your end result. When Program Name is included in the Result Objects without this consideration, you will return all Programs associated with a Subject, rather than just the Program Name where a TouchPoint was completed.

In the image below, the table on the left shows TouchPoint Responses and the Program they were taken in. The table on the right includes the Program Name from the Enrollment folder. Notice that Response # 480 is repeated 3 times. This is because the person to whom #480 belongs is enrolled in all three Programs and the object of [Program Name] is not connected in any way to the Program where the TouchPoints were taken. 

Instead, the object associated with responses in a particular Program is the [Completing Program Unique Identifier]. 

This object is NOT a string value, but rather the Identifier (number) of the Program. There are two recommended ways to get the correct Program name to display in your Report. Choose the method that meets your needs:

  1. I only want to see TouchPoints completed in the Program for which I am filtering.

  2. I want to see all TouchPoint responses even if it was not taken in the currently enrolled Program or if it was taken in a different Program than the one that is being filtered for in the report. 

Method 1

For this method, you will correlate the Completing Program Unique Identifier of the TouchPoint with the Program Unique Identifier form the Enrollment folder.

Set up a requery in the filter so that the only TouchPoint responses that are returned in the report are those that share the same Identifier as the Program Unique Identifier. You can also use the Program Name object in the filter as a User Prompt:

Completed Filtering

Method 2

This will require the inclusion of a second query in the report.

Filtering on Program Name

In circumstances where you wish to have a User prompt on a Program Name, you will need to add a second query from the Standard Reference Universe:

This universe contains reference data only, including the Program Name and associated Identifiers. 

In the Results Objects of the new query, add the [Program Name] and the [Program Site Identifier]

Now, add the Program Name to the Query Filter and set it as a Prompt:

Go to the original query and pull the [Completing Program Identifier] into the Query Filter. From the Bullet List, Select Results from another query and then select [Program Site Identifier] from the list.

Your original data query will now be restricted to only those Program Names where the TouchPoint was taken.

To be able to see the Program Name as a string value, you must created a detail variable.

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