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Troubleshooting | Excel File Doesn't Open
Troubleshooting | Excel File Doesn't Open

Troubleshooting Excel files when using Query Wizard #Reporting #QueryWizard #troubleshooting

Updated over a week ago

You may discover that you can no longer open Excel files that have been downloaded from Query Wizard. This is related to the security vulnerability patches that Microsoft released on July 12, 2016. Included in the patches released that day is a patch that prevents users from opening files directly from the internet when prompted to Open or Save.


  1. When prompted to Open or Save the file, click Save.

  2. Select Save As.

  3. Save the file to any location you desire in your file system.

  4. Navigate to the location in the file system and open the file from there.

You may be warned that the file is corrupted. It is not. This is referencing the HTML present in the file.
An alternative is to download the file as a .csv, which automatically strips out all formatting.

For more information on the different ways you can save your Query Wizard results, click here.

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