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Entities | Program Enrollment
Entities | Program Enrollment


Updated over a week ago

If an Entity has never been enrolled in a Program before, you will need to go to the Site where the Entity is currently enrolled.

  1. On the Navigation Bar, select "Entities" > "View/Edit Entity" and search for the Entity name.

  2. Click to edit the Entity and go to the "Program Assignment" tab.

  3. You can then select the Site from the drop-down menu, where you would like the Entity to be enrolled.

  4. Check off the Programs in which the Entity should be enrolled.

  5. If you are trying to re-enroll an Entity into a Program that it has already been dismissed from, you will need to re-enroll them through "Enroll Entity" on the Navigation Bar.

  6. You will then search for the Entity you wish to re-enroll.

  7. Select the Entity and click submit.

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