How to Flatten Demographics/Touchpoint Answers Using Custom Variables

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When you are making a report for demographics or TouchPoint responses, you may notice how there are only two columns with this information: Question/Demographic Name and Answer/Demographic Value. You can, however, make it so each Question/Demographic Name has its own column, which will make the report a lot easier to read.

Flatten Demographics

To flatten demographics you will want to use the following formula:

  • =[Demographic Value] Where ([Demographic Name]="Insert Demographic Name Here")
    โ€‹*Make sure that you have quotation marks around the Demographic name

Flattening TouchPoints

For TouchPoints, you will want to use the following formula:

  • =[Answer] Where ([Question]="Insert Question Here")
    โ€‹*Make sure you have quotes around the Question name.

Notes and Advisories

  • You will want to use one of the formulas above for each TouchPoint Element or Demographic you want to report on, but copying the variable and changing the text between the quotes is a helpful shortcut!

  • Some TouchPoints may have questions/elements with the same name. If this causes your formulas to pull in unnecessary data, you can use the Question ID instead of the Question Name.

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