This question type allows users to select and link a response from another TouchPoint when recording a new TouchPoint response. "Choices" (i.e. the responses) will display in a drop-down in a display format specified by an administrator. Additional filtering on what type of responses display can also be set, such as by the individual Participant or Entity.

  1. Create a new TouchPoint element by clicking on the Add Question button while editing a TouchPoint.
  2. Select Response Cross Reference.
  3. Name the question.
  4. Select the target TouchPoint from the drop-down list to pull responses from.
  5. Select the appropriate elements to pull over based on your needs.
  6. Under the elements selected, click on the green +/- icon next to the word "AND."

7. Change the "Subject Type" drop-down to "Subject Name" as shown above.
8. In the text box, type "@SubjectID" as shown above.
9. Click on Save.

The following contextual filters for a Response Cross Reference elements can be applied:

  • Subject Type: @SubjectTypeID
  • Subject Name: @SubjectID
  • Recording Staff Member: @AuditStaffID
  • Program: @ProgramID¬†
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