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Enterprise Admin: Dashboards, Batch Upload, Program Groups
Enterprise Admin: Dashboards, Batch Upload, Program Groups
Make your system more efficient by building out dashboards and admin features.
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Multi-Factor Authentication Settings

Home Page Dashboard Redirect HTML
Creating Dashboard Messages
Assigning and Managing Dashboard Messages
Dashboards (Templates, Messages, Homepage, and Best Practices) | Main Page
HTML and Hyperlinks in ETO | Main Page
How to Create a Message
Hyperlink to Launch a Specific TouchPoint
Best Practices: Dashboard Parts and Templates
My Dashboard
TouchPoint Dashboard
ETO Parts Catalog
Staff Dashboard
Dashboard Part | Recent TouchPoints
Internal Referrals | Dashboard Part
Entity Dashboard
Collections | Collection Dashboard
Participant Dashboard
Families | Family Dashboard
Group Dashboard
Best Practices: Using Dashboard Messages
Basic HTML Codes
Manage Dashboard Messages: Dashboard Icon Links HTML
Programs Dashboard Part Visibility
Embedded Report Viewer | Dashboard Reports
Webi Reports on Dashboard | ETO Results | Dashboards
Dynamic Report Links | Dashboards | ETO Results
TouchPoint Information
Dashboard Part | SharePoint List
Dashboard Part | Legacy Recent Referral
Dashboard Part | Bed History
Dashboard Part | Search
Dashboard Part | Entity Matches
Dashboard Part | Entity Information
Dashboard Part | Collection Memberships
Dashboard Part | Recent Participants/Entities
Dashboard Part | Collection Members
Dashboard Part | Recent Assessments
Dashboard Reports | Main Page
Dashboard Part | Recent Efforts
Dashboard Part | Collection Information
Adding an Insight to a Dashboard
Manage Dashboard Messages: Sample Admin Dashboard Message HTML
Manage Dashboard Messages: Sample Staff Dashboard Message HTML (Legacy Features)
Dashboard | Participant Matches
Manage Dashboard Templates
Query Wizard ETO Part
Program History Dashboard Part
Participant Information
Dashboard Part | Group Participants
Dashboard Part | Group Information
Dashboard Part | Groups
Dashboard Part | Family Information
Participant Dashboard: Participant Information Customization