ETO Results 4.2
ETO Results: Simple Filter Issues
Participant Site ID, Client ID, and other ID's in reporting
ETO Results | Table of Contents
ETO Results | Min, Max, First, Last
Results | Web Intelligence Applet
ETO Results: Inflated/Duplicated Data
ETO Results | Was Dismissed & Is/Was Active Objects
ETO Results | Getting Started
ETO Results: Creating Geographic Charts
ETO Results | How to Export a Report to Excel
ETO Results | Flattened and Unflattened TouchPoint / Participant Data Access
Add Link to Enroll Participant in Report
Data Access
ETO Results | Sorting
Repeat Column Headers/Footers on Multiple Pages in ETO Results
Add Hyperlink to Edit Subform TouchPoint Response - Flattened Data
Run a Report Using Common Date Objects
ETO Results | Finding More Information on Functions
Report Taking a Long Time to Load/Timing Out
Changing the Date Format based on Country in ETO Results
ETO Results: Scheduling Reports
Changing Program Name Doesn't Reflect in Results
ETO Results Best Practices: Improving Report Performance
Duplicated Data in Reports
ETO Results Refresh Schedule
Formulas: Commonly Used Links to Pages in ETO
Create a Flag
Calculating Duration of a Start/End Time TouchPoint Question
Understanding Functions in ETO Results
Common Functions and Operators
Display Null Values as "Unanswered" or "Unknown" Formula
Reporting Errors Overview
ETO Results Best Practices: Maximizing Query Performance
BO 4.2: General Preferences
Manage ETO Results Reports
Printing Reports
Delete Custom ETO Results Reports
Variable Qualifications
ETO Results: Conditional Formatting
What is the difference between Flattened and Unflattened Data in ETO Results?
ETO Results: Phone Format Formula
SQL Error when Running Report
Aggregate TouchPoint Report
ETO Results: SSN Formula
Creating a Variable From a Formula
Formatting Reports for Printing in ETO Results
BO 4.2 Upgrade: You do not have access to one or more data providers
Standard TouchPoint Universe (NEW)
Caseload Filters in ETO Results
ETO Results | Manual Active Filter
Combined Queries
Separate TouchPoint Values for Non-Exclusive Choice Elements on to Separate Lines
Adding Date Prompts to Appear on Report
Add Filter to Reports
Creating Formulas
Incorrect Totals/Aggregates
How to Set Input Controls
ETO Results | Averages are Incorrect
ETO Results | Active Filter vs "Is Active" Object
What is Subject Identifier and How Do I Utilize It?
Change Report Name
Hyperlink to a Participant's Dashboard
Standard Calculations
Edit Query Properties
Alerters and Conditional Formatting
Reporting Terms
Complex Query Filters
Universes | ETO Results | Main Page
Linking TouchPoints to Enrollment
Becoming Familiar with the Query Editor Interface
Saving Reports as Custom Reports
Basic Formatting: Cell/Table Color, Width, Orientation
Editing a Query
Page Setup Tab
Copy a Table Between Reports
Auto-Save Feature
Data Objects in Audit Trail Folder
Data Objects in the Identity Folder
Reference Cells
Running a Query Status Report
Building Reports with an Excel Document
Report Looks Different when in Edit Mode
Basic Formatting: Sorting & Summing
Viewing and Editing Reports in ETO Results
Creating Sections in a Report
Basic Formatting: Background Image
Adding a Second Query
Nested Query Filters
How to Reorder Query Prompts
Accessing the ETO Results Online Guides
How to Lock/Unlock Report Queries
Hyperlink to a TouchPoint Attachment Upload
Links to Features within ETO in Reports
Simple Filters
Creating Variables
Formatting Numbers and Dates in Reports
Free Standing Cells/Pre-Defined Cells
Creating Charts
Adding Tables
Editing Tables/Legends
Adding Reports (Tabs)
Creating a Report
Fiscal Year Quarter Formula for TouchPoint Date Taken
Missing Demographics in Reports
Re-Query for Program Name
Creating Links to Demographic Attachments
Pre-Defined TouchPoint Filters
Relative Positioning
Strip the Pipe Character (|) Out of a Value
Create a Count of Participants "Waiting" using the Any Date object
Re-query for Assessment Name
Create a Custom Universe
ETO Results | Flattened Data
Popular Formulas
How to Create a Hyperlink to View, Edit, or Add New TouchPoint Response in ETO Results
First and Last Name from Subject Name
Query Filters Do Not Apply to Report
Report Not Loading in Google Chrome
Merged Dimensions and Details
Finding the Nth Response for a TouchPoint
ETO Alerts | Reporting on Alerts in ETO Results
Active, Enrolled, and Dismissed Participants in ETO Reports
‎ETO Results Custom Report Building: ‎ Building & Running a Query
Finding the Most Recent Response to a TouchPoint
Program Name in TouchPoint Responses