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ETO Results | Creating a new report
ETO Results | Creating a new report


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Access Results

Results can be accessed in several different ways:

  • The Reporting icon in the top right corner

  • On the sidebar, Reports > ETO Results

  • The top of the View Reports page

Open the application

Under the Applications tab, select the Web Intelligence icon

Select a Data Source

Choose the type of data source you will use to build your report on. The most common option is to use a Universe, but we also support Excel documents and other Web Intelligence reports

Build your query

Choose which objects you want to use for your report and create query filters if you would like to limit what data initially comes into the report. Click on Run to run the query.

Click below to open the KBA on the menu bar for a list of what each tab contains


The first save of the report must be as a Save As, and you will choose the folder to save it to as well as the name. Once this is created, you simply click the save icon after changes are made.

It's important to note that Results is set to automatically timeout and end the session due to inactivity. Only saving counts as an action. Save often to avoid losing work on your report.

Note: Do not save reports directly into the ~WeIntelligence subfolder located in your Person Folders. This folder is designed to only hold temporary saves of a report and will clear out from time to time.

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