ETO Touchpoint Experience (Base Instance)

ETO Base instance is browser neutral!


Demographic and program enrollment tracking for participants. Track participants across the enterprise, identify duplicates, and customize demographics on a program or enterprise scale.


ETO Caseloads allow Staff to have an assigned list of Participants. These Caseloads can be managed by Staff or managers, though our best practices recommend a manager be primarily in charge of setting up Caseloads.


If upgrading from Legacy ETO, customers will have access to the Touchpoint experience. Touchpoints provide a simple and robust solution to data tracking. Use Touchpoints to track To-Do's, Attendance, GIS Coordinates, file uploads, and more!

ETO Results

If upgrading from Legacy ETO, customers will have access to our robust reporting platform, ETO Results. Track outcomes, demographics, program enrollments, and more in one location.

Standard Reports

Many standard reports exist in ETO to track touchpoints, enrollments, demographics, and more!

Batch Upload

Upload Touchpoint, Participant, Referral, Caseload, and Collection data in bulk through batch upload.

ETO Check-In

Use barcode scanners to take attendance in ETO.


Refer a participant or multiple participants to programs in the same site or across the enterprise. Referrals and Referrals NEW are included in ETO base instances.


Track groups of people who meet regularly through collections. Track attendance data, group attributes, and more!


Track entities like Staff members, third-party organizations, and other external entitles program engagement, attributes, and more!

ETO Schedule

Use the ETO Schedule to integrate user schedules with ETO. Track participant appointments and schedule appointments with ease!

Dashboards and Messages

Help staff navigate ETO by creating standard dashboards and dashboard messages.

Touchpoint Bundle

Contact your Account Manager at if you are interested in upgrading to the Touchpoint Bundle.


Alerts are intended to keep users up-to-date on a participant’s progress by notifying users in real-time whenever a key action takes place.


Organizational protocols can often be difficult to stick to unless the procedures are easy to follow. ETO workflows organize and enforce best practices by linking required checkpoints into a streamlined process. Workflows walk staff through prescribed checkpoints, easily allowing them to determine when a client meets the requirements and what step to take next in ETO.


Connect allows administrators to distribute intake forms directly to potential participants. Connect also provides participants with the ability to complete Touchpoints and Demographics on their own. Connect is our most dynamic tool when it self-service and registration for ETO.


If your organization would like to notify users in different sites of Touchpoints, Referrals, and other requests for participants on their caseload, then Approval Forms will give you this ability right in ETO.

Electronic Signature

Signatures can be collected in Touchpoints via any touchscreen device such as an iPad or via a mouse or laptop trackpad.

Multi Factor Authentication

Verify your user's logins by enabling MFA. Users will receive a text code to verify their login to ETO. Admins on the Touchpoint Bundle should contact support at when they are ready to turn on MFA.

Other Add-On's

If interested, please contact your Account Manager at to request information regarding these features.


Transfer data in bulk through SFTP utilizing ETO's Batch Upload tool.


Many organizations may need to extract most or all their data within their lifecycle at SSG. Some organizations require regular back-ups of the data for security or auditing purposes. Check out what we can offer!


ETO Software's API allows social impact organizations to create functional applications or integrations through remote execution. Authentication is performed by making REST-based web service requests with an active ETO account. Your ETO solution will need the API feature enabled.


A sandbox is a secondary environment where Users can practice working in a mock ETO space, created by taking a snapshot of a product database that includes all configuration and client data.

HMIS Template

Add the HMIS template to your ETO instance to take HUD-specific Touchpoints, validate data, and utilize ETO's in-house HMIS reporting tool to produce APR, CAPER, and more.

ETO Legacy

ETO Legacy can no longer be purchased. Listed below are features considered Legacy.

The following features are only supported with these browser settings.

  1. Assessments

  2. Points of Service Efforts/Composites

  3. Effort Qualifiers

  4. Build/Manage Service Plans

  5. Query Wizard

  6. Process Wizard/Manage Processes

  7. Employment/Education/Drug/Criminal Records

  8. Legal cases

  9. ETO Legacy Reports

  10. Attendance Upload

  11. Upload Files (The newer version is Batch upload)

  12. View/Edit time Sheets

  13. Program Measures

Groups, Referrals, and older Entity pages are considered 'legacy' as they have newer features or page equivalents in the software. However, Groups, Referrals, and Entities will remain in ETO base instances.

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