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If you have found that your QR Codes are displaying the, "Subject not Found", error after being scanned, please report it to our support team and then follow these instructions to update your reports. This will allow you to properly scan the QR Codes with the appropriate backend ID.

Workaround for a Current Defect, SSN-30

Step 1 – Login to ETO.

Step 2 – Navigate to "ETO Check-In Reports".

  • Select "Reports" on the left Navigation Bar.

  • Select "View Reports (NEW)".

  • Select "ETO Check-In Reports".

Step 3 – Open either "Participant Labels QR Code Report" or "Collection Members Check In Report".

Step 4 – Select "Save As" and Save to a Favorites, Enterprise, or Site folder.

Step 5 Navigate to the Query Panel.

  • Select "Design" in the top right of the report.

  • Select "Data Access" > "Data Providers" > "Edit".

Step 6 – Make sure that the object, "Participant Site Identifier", is in the "Results Objects" section.

Step 7 – Open the Variables, "Barcode_Medium/Barcode_Medium_Member" or "Barcode_Small_Member", by double clicking.

Step 8 – Change the listed formula under "Formula" to the respective formula for each Variable:

Step 9 – Save the report, and enjoy full functionality for ETO Check-In's QR Code scanning feature!

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