This element is for TouchPoints that require follow up. Users will be notified via the To Do List that a follow up is expected. Administrators can set the follow up to automatically occur after a specified number of days, weeks, or months.

This form question is not available for Approval forms.


Step 1 – Enter the question text in the text box.

Step 2 – Check the box if you would like the TouchPoint to configure an Automatic follow-up date when a User submits a response.

  • If yes, select the number of days/weeks/months after the submission the follow-up should be scheduled for, and if it should be any day of the week or only weekdays from the drop-downs.

Step 3 – Select if you would like to use a pseudonym.

Step 4 – Select if you would like to capture one response for multiple subjects.

  • This is used for Participant (multiple), Entity (multiple), Family, and Collection subject types.

Step 5 – Select if this question requires an answer before being saved.

Step 6 – Select if you would like this question to display a tooltip for users taking the TouchPoint.

Step 7 – Select is you would like this question to aggregate data over time.

Step 8 – Set the "Question Placement Options".

Step 9 – Click the Save button.


When building an Assessment through the Assessment Wizard, you will be given the choice to set up Follow-up Alert check boxes. Turn these on to allow reminders to be placed on Staff To Do Lists.

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