Default User Role: Site Administrator

On this page, the Site Administrator may add Neighborhoods, and define which census tract numbers are within each Neighborhood. Many funders are interested in seeing data related to neighborhoods. Organizations may be provided information from funders regarding which census tracts are within neighborhoods of interest.

Social Solutions does not have information regarding which census tracts are associated with specific neighborhoods.

Census Track, Block, and Neighborhoods are read only Standard Demographics populated by the Address and Zip Code information submitted for Participants. Neighborhood will only populate if the Site Administrator configured Neighborhoods with this feature. These demographics are set to be disabled by default. The Site Administrator can re-enable these fields on the Manage Demographics page.

Step One: Click to add a new neighborhood.

Step Two: Search by zip code, or state and census tract numbers.

Step Three: Select the numbers you want to associate with the neighborhood.

Step Four: If a number is accidentally assigned to a neighborhood, it can be deleted.

Step Five: Go to the Add New Participant, View/Edit Participant, or Find Participant page to view Neighborhood data.

*This data is queryable within the Participant Information (Census Tract, Census Block) and Neighborhood (Neighborhood) focus areas found within the Participant Subject.

TIP - Grammatically correct abbreviations must be used when entering Address data for Census and Neighborhood information to populate.

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