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This setting will require an overnight sync to enable or disable. The day after you turn on/off the setting, you will see the restrictions apply or lift.

This setting allows administrators to restrict edits to a TouchPoint to a certain date range after a TouchPoint was entered. 

The first option abides by the standard date taken field at the top of a TouchPoint. 

The second option allows the administrator to select a custom date field within the TouchPoint for the rule to follow.

In the above example, if the TouchPoint was entered with a date taken = 1/1/2019, the User would be allowed to edit the TouchPoint until 1/31/2019. 

The lowest role allowed to override the period restriction is the lowest role who can edit the TouchPoint even after is has been locked. In the above image, Enterprise Manager-level Users can still edit the TouchPoint despite the response being locked.

When the response is locked, the system will display "System Locked" by default. However, this can be customized to say any message.

WARNING: Any administrator with access to Manage the Touchpoint can update/modify this setting. Support cannot expedite the locking/unlocking of the TouchPoint responses.

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