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Conditional Rules | Showing Pages in TouchPoints
Conditional Rules | Showing Pages in TouchPoints

#Forms Show/Hide Pages in a TouchPoint with conditional logic.

Updated over a week ago

When building your TouchPoint forms, you can incorporate different pages or tabs within the TouchPoint.

When showing pages, it is important to be aware of the implications it has on other conditional logic.

By default, when a question on a page is shown, the entire page is shown. 

In this example, question "A-2" is the first question of Page #2

Example 1:

When A-2 is shown, Page #2 will show.

When a page is shown, all questions on that page default to SHOW.

Example 2:

By showing Page #2, all questions on Page #2 are defaulted to SHOW.

In order to be selective about which question show, users should use rules like Example #1. 

Be advised: If users use both Example 1 and Example 2, the questions on the page will have two conditions telling them to SHOW. This will cause issues and create confusion in the conditional logic. 

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