This example is done with the Standard TouchPoint Universe NEW.

1. Create your variables

Variable 1: Most Recent Response

Returns the most recent Response ID per Participant per TouchPoint

=Max([Response Unique Identifier]) In ([Subject Identifier];[TouchPoint Name])

Variable 2: Flag for Response

Flags the most recent response ID based on which response ID is equal to the maximum response ID per participant per touchpoint

=(If [Response Unique Identifier] = [Most Recent Response] Then 1 In ([Subject Identifier];[Response Unique Identifier];[Date Taken])) In ([Subject Identifier];[TouchPoint Name])

    2. Filter on the Flag

  1. Bring the flag in to the table

  2. Right click the column

  3. Filter > Add Filter

  4. Set Flag for Response Equal to 1

This will give you the most recent touchpoint response per participant per touchpoint. You can hide the Flag for Response column or remove it from the table altogether.

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