Create a Count of Participants "Waiting" using the Any Date object

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For example: Participant A has a TouchPoint response recorded on 10/1. But they are "waiting" for an appointment on 10/5. If you wanted to see a count for each day that the Participant was waiting, follow these steps:

  1. Create a query using Standard TouchPoint Universe NEW. Pull in the objects Answer as Date, Date Taken, Response Unique Identifier, and Any Date (obsolete) (from the Universe Dimensions folder). You can filter the query down to the question in the touchpoint that contains the other date data.

2. Create a flag using the formula:
    =Count([Query].[Response Unique Identifier] Where([Any Date (obsolete)]            
    Between([Query].[Date Taken];[Answer as Date]))) ForEach([Any Date (obsolete)])

3. Pull the object Any Date (obsolete) into a table with the flag.

This will give you a count of each Participant that was "in waiting" for the specified date range.

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