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Please note that this part currently only works with the legacy referral features. Click here for information on the Recent Referrals (New) Dashboard part, which works only with Referral Forms.

The Recent Referrals Dashboard part displays the most recent referrals the User has recorded or the subject has had recorded for them.

You can edit the referral by clicking the pencil icon in the "Take Action" column and see details of the referral by clicking the i icon.

Click the "+New" link at the bottom will allow you to add a new referral for the subject. The "View All" link at the bottom left will take you to the Review Participant Referrals page, where you can see details, edit, delete, submit to complete, or print any referral from the Site.


Step 1 – To edit the Recent Referrals part, click "Edit Dashboard" at the top of the page.

Step 2 – You can restore, minimize, disable, or edit the part by clicking on the associated icon.

Step 3 – When editing the part, you can re-title the part and set the layout. You can also set the maximum number of records that will display on the part. Click "Apply" to confirm any changes.

  • Chrome State: Normal will start the part immediately upon landing on the dashboard. Minimized may work best for dashboards that take a long time to load, but will require the user to expand the part if they wish to view the report.

  • Zone and zone index: Zone index is the ranking of the part in that zone, where zero is the closest to the top of the page.


This ETO Part appears on the following Dashboard:

  • My Dashboard

  • Family Dashboard

  • Group Dashboard

  • Participant Dashboard

  • Staff Dashboard

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