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ETO Results Compared to the Query Wizard
ETO Results Compared to the Query Wizard


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ETO Results Folders Versus Query Wizard Focus Areas 

The folder structure in ETO Results can be compared to the Focus Areas on Step 2 of the Query Wizard. Unlike the Query Wizard, ETO Results allows the User to return to this screen at any time and pull in additional data from any of the folders. The data elements are organized in a more straightforward way in ETO Results than they are in the Query Wizard. Practice opening and closing the folders to see what information is inside.  

Note that folders contain sub-folders, expand those. Some of the fields listed, such as Name, have toggles to the left.  Click to see the dimensions inside. If Name is selected for a report, it will appear as Last Name, First Name. If Name is expanded, Prefix, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, and Suffix can be selected individually as desired.

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