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Categories allow you to group TouchPoints by the type of information to be released. For example, you may have categories for health/disability, mental health, financial, or education. These four categories would contain enough different data and legal protections that they would be on separate TouchPoints. The categories will control the release of different types of participant information.

This page allows you to create and edit those categories for your release of information form, grouping the TouchPoint information types the participant can select to share across the enterprise.

In-Depth Instructions:

Step 1 – On the Navigation Bar, click on Enterprise. Then select Manage Release of Information.

Step 2 – Click the Manage Categories button at the top of the page.

 Step 3 – You will see the following options:

  1. Add New Category - Click this button and then follow the steps below.

  2. Show Disabled Categories - Check this box to show categories that have been disabled.

  3. Category - The name of the category. You can search/filter by category name.

  4. Description - The description of the category. You can search/filter by description.

  5. Number of TouchPoints - The number of TouchPoints that are included in that category. You can search/filter by the number of TouchPoints in a category.

  6. Edit - Edit the category (change the name, description, or TouchPoints included in the category).

  7. Disable - Disable the category. This will change to say "Enable" if the category is already disabled and the show disabled categories box is checked.

  8. Navigation - Move between multiple pages and select the number of entries that appear on each page.

  9. Close - Click this button to return to the Manage Release of Information page.

Step 4 – Click the Add New Category button.

Step 5 – Give the category a name. Examples of names you might use for categories include:

  • Health/Disability

  • Mental Health

  • Financial

  • Education

Step 6 – Enter a brief description of the category. A description will make it easier for users to find the category when trying to edit it.

Step 7 – Check the boxes next to the TouchPoints to add to this category. They should all be TouchPoints that collect information on the same category.

The TouchPoint must be set to share across the enterprise in order for the information to be available in other sites/programs. In the Set to Share column, the TouchPoint must say "Yes" for this to work.

  • You can set a TouchPoint to share across the enterprise by editing the TouchPoint's security settings.

Only TouchPoints that have "participant" set as a subject type will show in this list.

  • For example, if a TouchPoint has a subject type of "entity," it would not show in this list (because releases of information are only relevant for participants). If a TouchPoint has security for multiple subject types, as long as participant (not participants multiple) as one of those types, it will show.

You can find TouchPoints by searching/filtering by TouchPoint Name, TouchPoint Tag, or Set to Share status (Yes/No).

You can include disabled TouchPoints by clicking the box at the top right of the page.

Step 8 – Click the Save button at the top or bottom of the page.


Creating different categories for your release of information form ensures that participants know what information they are allowing to be shared and from which TouchPoint forms.

  1. Navigation Bar > Enterprise > Manage Release of Information

  2. Click the Manage Categories button

  3. Give the category a name

  4. Give the category a description

  5. Check the boxes next to the TouchPoints to add to this category

  6. Click the Save button

On the Manage Categories page:

  1. Click the Edit link to edit a category

  2. Click the Disable link to disable a category

  3. Check the box at the top to see disabled categories

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