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Entity | Creating an Entity Attribute


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Entity Attributes are equivalent to demographics for Participants. Like Participant demographics, Entity Attributes should be data that is not changed often, such as a mailing address. Standard Attributes cannot be modified or disabled.   

To add a new Entity Attribute

  1. On the Navigation Bar, click "Site Administration".

  2. You will see the existing Attributes, toggled by scope. 

  3. Click the "+Add New Attribute" button under the correct scope for the Attribute you are creating. 

  4. Name your Attribute.

  5. Select an option from the Attribute type drop-down menu.

  6. Select the Entity type this Attribute is applicable for (you may select more than one).

  7. Select the correct scope for the Attribute.

  8. Enter values for the Attribute if applicable.

  9. Click Save to save any changes.

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