The features "Save Progress" and "Save as Draft" are excellent settings to help Users who may timeout from losing data. These settings are highly recommend for longer TouchPoints. 

Save Progress allows Users to save a drafted version of the TouchPoint. When clicked inside the TouchPoint, the TouchPoint will immediately save as a draft but, allow the User to continue filling out data.

Save as Draft allows Users to save a drafted version of the TouchPoint that they may wish to later complete. Selecting "Save Draft" inside of a TouchPoint saves the TouchPoint as a draft and ends the User's TouchPoint editing session.

To enable the settings:

  1. Open the Navigation Bar

  2. Click on "Site Administration"

  3. Click "Manage TouchPoints"

4. Find the TouchPoint you wish to add the features
5. Click "Edit" next to the TouchPoint name
6. Select "Edit TouchPoint Settings"

7. Check the box: "Save As Draft" or "Save Progress"
8. Click Save

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