Adding/Disabling/Deleting Touchpoint Questions


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Touchpoint Questions or elements are the body of a TouchPoint and are used to track a subject's progress through the program.

Adding a Question Element:

  1. On the Navigation Bar, click Site Administration.

  2. Select Manage TouchPoints.

  3. Locate the TouchPoint you wish to update.

  4. Under the Take Action column, click Edit.

  5. Navigate to the desired location of the new question and click Add Question.

  6. Choose the type of element you would like to add.

  7. Click Continue.

  8. You will have different design options based on the type of element you selected.

  9. Click Save to return to the body of your TouchPoint.

You can perform the following for each Element:

  1. Edit the element: Returns you to the element creation page.

  2. Make the question required when completing the TouchPoint.

  3. Move the question to a different place on the form.

  4. Copy the question: Useful if you are creating many of the same types of questions and you only need to edit the text.

  5. Add to Question Bank: If you plan to use the same question in other forms (then use the "Question Bank Element" question type in those forms)

  6. Disable the element if it is no longer used.

  7. Delete the element

Disabling a Touchpoint Question:

Disabling a question in a Touchpoint will remove that question from all previous and future Touchpoint responses even if data is attached to that question. The data, though not accessible in the UI, can still be accessed via Results and remains attached to any participants that recorded data for that question.

Note: Attempting to disable a question associated with any Calculations or Conditional Rules will produce an alert message indicating this is not possible and will look like so:

In order to disable a question associated with any Calculations or Conditional Rules, you will first need to click on Edit Question and then either Calculations or Conditional Rules. From here you can either disable or delete the Calculations or Conditional Rule allowing you to then disable the question.

Deleting a Touchpoint Question:

A question can only be deleted if there is no data associated with it in the system.

Note: Attempting to delete a question that has data associated with it will produce an alert message this is not possible and will look like so:

The best alternative to removing a question that cannot be deleted would be to hide it by disabling it.

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