How To Edit an Existing Site Navigation Custom Rule


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Site Managers and above have the ability to edit existing custom rules for Site Navigation that were designed to allow certain users access to certain features. Below are the necessary steps that a Site Manager can take to edit an existing custom rule.

  1. On the Navigation Bar on the right hand side, click on Site Administration.

    2. Select Manage Site Navigation under the Site Administration section.

   3. In the top right hand corner, select the Manage Rules link.

    4. At the top there is an option to Select Existing Visibility Rule.

   5. Select the existing custom rule from the available drop-down box.

   6. At the bottom there is an option to add new item in current rule.

   7. Select the new rule type from the drop-down menu (roles, sites, programs,           program groups).

  8. Select the Go button after choosing the new rule type.

  9. Move the appropriate available site, programs, program groups, or roles over to the existing box on the right hand side by clicking the arrow pointing to the right and   then click Go once completed.

  10. If there is a rule type within the custom rule that needs to be deleted, the user can simply click delete under the Take Action section of the rule type.

Custom rules can be beneficial to allow certain restrictions for certain features within ETO. Features that would benefit from having a custom rule set would be the rules that have a default rule of Staff.

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