Best Practices: Dashboard Parts and Templates

#Enterprise Tips to follow when setting up your Dashboards.

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The following tips will help you create a streamlined and easy to use Dashboard for your Users.

  1. Have no more than six (6) Dashboard parts per Dashboard.

  2. Use the expected load time for each Dashboard part to estimate the overall load time for the Dashboard you need to display.

  3. Group TouchPoints into categories via tags in the TouchPoint settings. The Recent TouchPoint part can be filtered to show all TouchPoints that share the same tag.

  4. Limit filtering Recent TouchPoints parts to a specific TouchPoint as the more custom data that is returned, the greater impact on load time.

  5. Edit the Dashboard part to remove unnecessary data elements that are not helpful to Users.

  6. For TouchPoints that are associated with a sub-TouchPoint, the primary TouchPoint should have it's own filtered Recent TouchPoints part.

  7. Create specific Dashboard templates for each User role.

  8. Restrict Dashboard editing to only advanced Users who need specialized Dashboards.

  9. Plan the placement parts within the five (5) Dashboard zones based on the amount of data to be displayed. Parts that display in a single column, like Participant Info, are best placed on the right, middle or left zones.

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