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Webi will combine like values unless specifically told not to. For example: You want to find the average numeric answer for a TouchPoint question. The Participant's answers are: 5, 5, 5, 5, 1

The actual average is 4, but if you put these answers into a table with the [Response ID] field and asked for an average, Webi would return 2.5. Webi does this because it sees all of the "5" answers as a single answer. Without the proper context, it is averaging 5 and 1.

To fix this, context needs to be applied to the average Formula as in the formula below.

= Average([TP Answer] in ([Response ID))

Or you can create your own Average calculation with a solid numerator and denominator:
โ€‹= Sum([Question_123]) / Count ([Question_123];All)

This context specifically tells Webi to average the results of all answers with a different [Response ID] individually, even if some of the results are the same.

For more information on aggregate formulas see:

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