What is Subject Identifier and How Do I Utilize It?

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In ETO Results, Subject Identifier is used as the primary identifier to relate TouchPoint responses to subjects in ETO. Since TouchPoints can be for multiple types of subjects, a unique Subject Identifier is created in order to avoid overlap between identifiers specific to each subject.

The following subjects have a Subject Identifier assigned to them:

  • Participants

  • Entities

  • Programs (General)

  • Anonymous

Subject Identifier is used in TouchPoint reporting, and it serves as a distinct way to count and contextualize TouchPoint responses. In Standard TouchPoint Universe NEW, Subject Identifier can be found in the Subjects folder. Users can utilize Subject Name and Subject Type Name to drill down results. In custom Universes, Subject Unique Identifier can be found in the Identity folder, and it can be utilized alongside subject specific identifiers to correlate them in reports.

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