Below are examples of how clients have used ETO Connect:

Intake Forms

  • Create a TouchPoint that includes eligibility criteria. Pull eligibility questions into the Intake Form. Program staff can review responses in ETO and determine which participants are eligible for services.
  • Create a TouchPoint that functions as a consent form. Pull into the Intake Form. Electronic signature elements can be included in the TouchPoint if necessary.
  • Create a TouchPoint that includes a question like "What are your service needs?" and provide a list of non-exclusive choices. Program staff can review responses in ETO and use Referral Forms to direct the participant to programs (and/or Entities) that match their needs.


  • Scheduling/availability
  • Preparation for an upcoming service. Example question: "What do you want to discuss in our meeting?" This would start a TouchPoint response the program staff would complete during or after the service.
  • Pre and Post Assessments
  • Alumni tracking to gather data for long term outcomes. Examples: job retention, graduation, stable housing, sobriety, financial goals
  • Student assignments

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