ETO Caseloads allow staff to have an assigned listed of participants. These caseloads can be managed my staff or managers, though we recommend a manager be primarily in charge of setting up caseloads.

Caseloads can be easily seen and managed on participant and staff dashboards. They can be used to restrict staff users to only participants on their caseloads. They can be a helpful way for all users to see who the caseworker is of each participant.

Getting Started

  1. Caseload Security
  2. My Caseload - Staff Dashboard Piece
  3. Staff Caseload - Staff Dashboard Piece
  4. Caseworker - Participant Dashboard Piece
  5. Adding Participants to Caseload

Working with Caseloads

  1. Transfer a Caseload Manually (One by One)
  2. Transfer Caseload Button
  3. Batch Upload Caseloads

Reporting on Caseloads

  1. Caseload Filters in Reports
  2. Standard Current Caseload Report


  1. Caseload Assignment Notifications
  2. Assign Caseload Access
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