You can add a link to enroll a participant into a new program within a report. This will allow you to enroll a participant into a program within the site you are currently logged in to.

You will need to ensure that you have Participant Site Identifier in your query objects before getting started.

Create the following variable:

Enroll Participant Link

=Replace("<a href=\"" + [Participant Site Identifier]+ "?ReturnPage=/Modules/Participants/AddEditClient.aspx%3fclid%3d"+ [Participant Site Identifier] +"%26readonly%3dtrue" +"\"target=\"blank\">" + "Enroll" + "</a>";",";"")

Add the variable to your table. Right click within the cell where the link is displayed, select Format Cell, and change the Display to Read content as: HTML.

Once the link is avialable, you can click it, and a new page will open for you to enroll the participant into a new program.

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