If you need to remove a participant's program enrollment record, you can do that though Participant Program History.

To access a participant's program history, you can navigate there through a couple of ways:

(1) From the navigation bar, go to Participant History > Participant Program History.

(2) From the quick search, search for the participant. Once you have found them, select their name, and from the fly out menu, you may have the option for Program History. 

(3) From the View/Edit participant page, you can click the button at the top for Program History.

Once you are at the participant's Program History, you will see a column for Take Action. 

If you are able to see the trash can icon, you can delete a participant's program history. If you do not have any icons here, you do not have access to delete a participant's program history.

The setting for allowing users access to delete program history is found under Site Administration > Manage My Site (NEW) > Security Settings. 

By default, this setting will be set to Site Managers.

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