Collections must be associated with a collection type. The Collection type is used to capture information that must be recorded for all groupings that are similar. An example would be a "Classes" Collection Type. For each class, the Administrator wants to capture uniform information like the Max Number of Participants, the Location, and the Meeting Time. All of this information is captured in a collection type form and when each new collection (or class) is added to ETO, this information is collected.

Administrators must set up the collection types before staff can create collections. The steps to creating collection types are very similar to creating TouchPoints. 

Video Demo

In-Depth Instructions

Step 1 – On the Navigation Bar, click Site Administration. Then select Manage Collection Types.

Step 2 – You will see the following options:

  1. New Collection Type - Click this button to create a new collection type.
  2. Show Disabled Collection Types - Check this box to see collection types that have been disabled.
  3. Filter/Search - Filter or search for collection types by name, subject type, or tags.
  4. Edit - Edit a collection type, including settings and questions.
  5. Security - Manage the collection type' security.
  6. Enable - Click the check mark on a disabled collection type to enable it.
  7. Delete - Click the trashcan icon to delete a collection type. Deleting the Collection Type prevents users from recording new data and making adjustments. Collection Types can only be deleted if there is no data recorded for them.
  8. Disable - Click this icon to disable a collection type.

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